My first book review

Now that Marley is pretty much an adult – he’s three in June – we are getting in to some pretty excellent stories at bedtime (well, if he’s a good boy and he brushes his teeth).

Beginner books like Baby’s First Words and This Rabbit, That Rabbit (good though it was) only tended to contain about four words per page. And with his penchant for long conversations these days, they just don’t cut it anymore.

So now, with authors like Julia Donaldson and their seemingly-endless array of rhyming stories about various creatures like The Gruffalo and The Highway Rat (brilliant!) things are getting a bit more tasty.

The Rumpus

Tonight’s installment came in the form of Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus (what a name!) courtesy of Tony Mitton and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it all revolves around some kind of Jurassic night out. There’s a whole load of different dinosaurs all tanked up and heading to some kind of rave, when along comes a furious T-Rex…..who I reckon is basically that guy who ALWAYS has one too many and takes things that bit too far.

Everyone is having a good old time, but when they hear T-Rex roaring away they are convinced it’s all about to kick off….

Not again, Alan

Then suddenly…..


They realise that all he really wants is a good old-fashioned dino-romp!!

Everyone has a fantastic time, they party the night away…….and then all have a huge come-down and fall asleep in a giant dino-heap.

It’s actually a great story, the perfect length for a two-and-a-half year old, and you can get really into it as the reader (plus on every page there’s a repeated little rhyme so the little ones can easily join in).

The only down-side to this particular dino romp are the words “Deinonychuses” and “Styracosaurus” that need to be said quickly during the rhymes – which is nigh on impossible.

But I’ll let that slide, since it also contains the words “wallop” and, of course, “dinsoaurumpus”.

Marley enjoyed it a lot, and I absolutely loved it…..which is, obviously, the main thing.

Night night!


Marley’s vocabulary continues to expand at a relentless rate, and he often surprises us with little words or phrases that I not only didn’t realise he knew, but that sound like they’re coming from the mouth of a 60 year old man.

For instance, after we’d had a friend visiting last weekend and it was time for him to leave, instead of saying goodbye to him Marley inquired: “where you off to?”

He also seems to possess expert comic timing.

After I had got out of the shower the other day, I could hear my wife on FaceTime to her grandmother. I tiptoed in to the room to get dressed, making a ‘sshhh’ gesture with my finger.

As soon as Marley saw me?


I think he shouted it five times before I got the chance to escape the room,  towel flailing behind me.


The real version may not be so nice…

Speaking of which, one of his favourite new words is actually “nice“.

It’s a fairly basic one, I admit, and he has known it for quite a while. But the interesting thing about Marley’s “nice” is that it has a whole new meaning.

“Nice” has in fact become a temperature in our household.

“I want my milk nice.”

“Make my water nice.”

“Daddy, is the bath hot, or is it nice?”

No-one knows how warm or cold nice actually is, but this has inevitably led to some confusion.

He was sitting with some pizza on a plate in front of him the other day, and when I encouraged him to eat it, I accidentally said it looked “nice.”

“IT’S NOT NICE!!! IT’S HOT!!” was the screamed response.

Silly Daddy!

Footnote: Marley is now over his bout of chicken pox, and was feeling much better until influenza hit this week (despite having the nasal spray vaccine about a month ago).

Let’s hope he is just getting all these illnesses out of the way in time for Christmas!