Happy International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2019theneudad

Marley and I are two incredibly lucky men.

We have a wife/mum who not only never, ever stops doing things for us and looking after us – sometimes me more so than Marley! – but she also showers us with love 24/7, seven days a week.

Watching her prepare Marley for World Book Day yesterday was just another reminder (in a gigantic list of reminders!) of the lengths she goes to for us – without fuss – and sometimes, if i’m dangerously honest, without me even realising until it’s done.

She does so much!

So while I rushed around the house in the morning like a headless chicken, frantically turning it over in a mad search for my missing gym gear and a pair of matching shoes, there she was…..calmly placing a pair of armbands and an inflatable rubber ring (that she had bought in advance) on our grinning son.

Eric Makes A Splash

She was dressing him up as Eric, the panda from his favourite book; Eric Makes A Splash and he was so happy with her.

Little Eric!

It’s a lovely short story about a worried panda, afraid of trying new things. But his friend, Flora (a rabbit, obvs) helps him to get over it and he ends up swimming and doing a whole bunch of other things that he’d always thought were too scary.

It’s great as a bedtime story but it’s also proving to be a very handy resource for planting a little seed in Marley’s head that he doesn’t need to worry about things.

And that’s in no small part because his Mummy is always there for him – and for me – and we are unbelievably happy about that.

International Women’s Day

So today, on International Women’s Day, it feels appropriate to take a moment to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate my wife…..as well as my Mum, my mother-in-law(s) – yes, I have two of them – my boss, my former boss, my former boss before that, and the hundreds of other amazing women we know, or have known.

We are very lucky to have you!

This photo was taken seconds after I had proposed – she said ‘yes’ despite my double-chin

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