Episode 12: An interview with Michelle from Pip’s Little Kitchen

July 21, 2020theneudad

Way back in April when we were in full-on lockdown mode (and before I’d started my What Happens Now podcast) I was determined to try and keep my radio show going.

That idea didn’t last very long, but I did manage to arrange a really great interview with Michelle Ody from Pip’s Little Kitchen.

They organise kid’s baking classes, and as the pandemic swept across the UK they decided they wanted to try and give kids (and more importantly parents!) something to keep them occupied.

We talked about how they were pivoting the business, but mainly we talked about life in lockdown and how on earth we all planned to get out the other side.

It’s an interesting listen, and will take you back to how crazy those first few weeks of lockdown really were. Enjoy!

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