I’ll Be There For You (but not you, Bing…)

January 16, 2018Michael Oldham

Has everyone else been binge re-watching Friends on Netflix, or is that just us?

Since all 236(!) episodes of the US sitcom were added to the site a week or so ago, it has barely been off our TV screen. And everyone else’s, it seems.

A lot of the Millenials are seeing the show for the very first time, and aside from people getting the chance to choose their favourite characters all over again, it’s been quite strongly criticised in some quarters for its “sexist” and “homophobic” story lines. 

Its quite easy to forget the show is actually older than some of those reviewing it.

Well, I can tell you that the (even) younger generation seems to absolutely love it! Marley absolutely loses his mind as soon as he hears the theme song, bouncing around all over the floor and waving his hands in the air.

Could he BE loving it any more?

Admittedly, Friends has still got a long way to go to oust Bing as Marley’s fave, though. 

Bath time wouldn’t even be bath time for the little guy if he wasn’t allowed to enjoy at least two episodes afterwards. 

Two episodes. Of the show that happens to star THE most annoying bunny of all time.

There are entire internet forums out there dedicated to the irritatingness of this show. Have a look

And yes, I know irritatingness is not a word. But if Bing can do it, so can I.

Many of the users who post on these sites, quite unbelievably, actually defend Bing the bunny. That’s despite his consistent lack of competence and his ability to learn absolutely nothing at all from his countless (and frankly quite basic) mistakes. 

The little brown sack up there on the left (Flop) isn’t much better either. Flop is supposed to be Bing’s guardian (the show never, ever explains why…) and yet whenever Bing makes a mess of something, Flop just goes “good for you Bing Bunny” and moves the daft rabbit on to something else to make a compete mess of. 

In terms of parenting, yes, Flop may have the patience of a saint. But he also appears to lack even the remotest ability to discipline or reprimand Bing in the slightest way. 

At least Friends actually contains some decent life lessons

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