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January 21, 2019theneudad

I received an email today containing some terribly sad news about a former colleague of mine, Craig Sargent.

Throughout the five years I worked for Kaplan, Craig was the Principal of the school in Leicester Square. And in the final two years I spent working for them here in London, I worked closely with Craig on many occasions.

I would arrange trips for international clients to come and visit the schools, and we would always have a great time with Craig in London. We’d turn up (usually late….he didn’t mind) and we’d chat, have a laugh together, discuss sports. Sometimes he’d tell me a little about some of his experiences as an actor.

I have a vivid memory of talking to him about his injured Achilles as we stood in a blisteringly hot pod on the London Eye one summer.

Craig, fourth from left, with some of our international visitors

I always really enjoyed seeing Craig, he was incredibly friendly and helpful but above all, he was genuine. We both left the organisation at the same time in November 2017 and I’m gutted to say I hadn’t spoken to him since.

So I was shocked and deeply saddened to read that – at the age of just 42 – Craig passed away on Tuesday 15th January after a very short battle with cancer. I already knew he had two young sons, but that made it no less heartbreaking to read that he leaves behind his wife Jo and their two beautiful boys Joshy (8 years old) and Sammy (5).

Craig will be missed terribly by all who knew him, but for his family this is an unimaginable loss. And one made even more difficult by the fact that his family’s financial situation is now under serious strain as a result of having no life cover.

Craig’s friends have set up a funding page where anyone can leave a message and/or make a donation for his family, so I wanted to share that with you. All help would be most gratefully appreciated.

Note: Craig’s friends gave me permission to post this. Our thoughts are with them, as well as his family.

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