Teething and rolling (almost)

November 22, 2016Michael Oldham

It’s been a busy old week in the life of little Marley!

Aside from happily bouncing around in his new Jump-a-roo, he’s been away on a weekend break, enjoyed an afternoon tea at a posh London eatery – and even had his first day at work.

It’s just as well we’ve been keeping him so entertained, as he has now officially begun the “teething” phase of life. Just another in a seemingly endless line of curve balls thrown at us – although at least this is one they had warned us about. 


I had a look on the NHS website, which confirmed that teething can be “distressing” for some babies. But then it also said: “every baby is different, and you may have to try a few different things” so that didn’t really help much. 

In the meantime, we have found that a small amount of white powder can be a great solution. 

No, not that type…

It’s some homeopathic remedy which comes in a small sachet, and he seems to actually enjoy us rubbing it in to his gums. We also bought some “teething rings” for him to chew on, although we may as well not have bothered, since he is pretty content chewing on his monkey toy, or anything else he can get his hands on.


His most significant recent development has probably been his ability to lie comfortably on his front though, and it doesn’t look like it will be very long until he is capable of a full 180-degree roll over. 

Although it might be a little longer until he can do it without such a suspicious look on his face…..

*This may be my favourite photo of him to date

Isn’t it just as well he looks so damn cool the rest of the time.

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