November 9, 2016Michael Oldham

OK, so I’m not blaming Marley for any of this……I’m just saying that before he came along, the UK was still going to be part of the European Union and Donald Trump was NOT the US President elect. 

Oh, and Gene Wilder was still alive. 

Seriously (just for a second) it does make me wonder what impact this will have on Marley and his generation – the Trump thing, not Gene Wilder, good though he was. 

In 20 years, or even in five or ten, I don’t want my son thinking it’s OK to be racist, chauvinistic, misogynistic, homophobic or violent towards people. Or to be grabbing them by the you-know-what (at least not without their permission). 

Or even just to have utterly shit hair, for that matter.

But enough politics. The only Trumps we’re interested in around here are produced by the little man. (Well, that’s not strictly true. There was one produced by me in the middle of the night recently, but Marley made a little gurgling noise immediately afterwards and so got the blame for it anyway).

And in other news, we attempted feeding him with a bottle properly for the first time this week. It’s something we’ve tried (and given up on almost immediately) before, but we’re going to have to master it eventually, so we figured ‘why not choose the week where his sleep pattern has regressed to what it was at around six weeks’ to do it. 

As you can see, he really enjoyed it…..

In order to cheer him up after jamming a bottle in his mouth and making him cry, we’ve bought him a couple of large bouncer “things” which should help in producing even more of his trademark grins. I’m sure there will be plenty of photos of him in these in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, we’ll have to find our own ways of cheering ourselves up from the latest political cloud of poo. 

Funnily enough, we will always remember 2016 as perhaps the greatest year of our lives, thanks to the arrival of little Marley. It remains to be seen how many others will be able to say the same in the future. 

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