December 9, 2016Michael Oldham

As Marley approaches the six month mark, the changes are coming thick and fast. For a start, he’s getting massive. Every time you look at him, he’s bigger. And he’s taken a shining to his own feet. 

He’s growing teeth, too. 

Well, to be honest he has one tiny little white lump at the front of his gum that’s barely visible….but there is some evidence in his bright red cheeks and the noises he’s making. 


And he is making a LOT of noise. I’m not sure whether that it’s all to do with the teething, because it doesn’t always seem to be upset noises, or angry noises. But there are many. 

He shrieks. He squeals. He barks. He roars. The only constant really is the volume, which is of course cranked up to a deafening 10 at all times. No idea where he gets that from….

Oh and of course, he loves sticking his tongue out.

His own room

The most significant change of all, though, has been the one implemented by us this week. We have thrown Marley out of our room, and forced him to move in to one of his own. 

This has been quite an emotional change for us, actually. It’s quite difficult to believe he is already at that stage. 

But when your baby’s arms and legs are just about poking out the sides of the crib, you know it’s time to up-size. 

So out has gone the old crib, and in has come a brand new and much bigger cot. At least, I think that’s right. I may have the terminology wrong. I still barely understand the difference between a crib, a cot, a bassinet and a Moses basket. 

No change there!

Oh, and if you don’t think he looks that big in the photo above, this should provide some context….

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