• A unique night out

    August 7, 2017 Michael Oldham

    We had a very different kind of night out on Saturday. Partly because we never get to go out, and partly due to what we got up to!

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  • End of an era

    July 25, 2017 Michael Oldham

    It’s official. After just over thirteen months on Earth, Marley has finally stopped breastfeeding.   Unfortunately, this was not entirely his choice and as a result, for the past week…

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  • One

    June 19, 2017 Michael Oldham

    A year ago today we were still at the hospital, clinging to our minuscule new baby with no idea what we were doing or how much things were about to…

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  • Hilarious little man

    June 12, 2017 Michael Oldham

    As he approaches the first anniversary of his exit from the womb, our toddler’s personality continues to develop at a crazy speed.

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  • Timehop

    May 6, 2017 Michael Oldham

    It’s already May and this is only my fourth blog post of the year. That gives some indication of how busy life has become.

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  • #yogurtnappy

    February 21, 2017 Michael Oldham

    Just a matter of two weeks ago, we were beginning to wonder when Marley would get to grips with solid food. It turns out I didn’t need to worry.

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